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The Coaching Directory is a free online directory that connects you to fully qualified coaches that you can trust. Browse our coaching directory or engage our free matching service, where we connect you to your ideal coach that best suits your needs from our coaching business.

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Are you looking for an immediate coaching solution? Engage with our personalised matching services. It’s where we connect you to qualified coaches whose experience and background match your specific needs in the coach directory business. The coaches we match you with have been vetted and hold appropriate insurance and coaching credentials to save you time and provide peace of mind. Let us find you the perfect coach. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find you a suitable coach that meets your needs. It’s that easy, and it’s a free service we offer from the coaching directory business!

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Flourish Coaching Australia

Beatrice Boots

Matt Hayden

Sarah Reilly Coaching Pty Ltd

Libby Finlayson Coach

GL Mindset Coaching


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Awakening Personal Development Workshop

Using DISC & Emotional Intelligence to level up your leadership skills

Enhance Leadership Skills by Incorporating DISC and Emotional Intelligence Techniques

Meet the Coach Podcast

Join our Host Carla Egan (founder) on a series of fascinating conversations with some of the coaches on The Coaching Directory.

  • E11:S4 Season 4 Wrap Up!
    by The Coaching Directory

    🦩 See the coaches profiles here Coaches in order: Sally Dillon of Revolution Consulting Group Steve Goudswaard of Navigating the Uncertain Jenni Limb of REJENU Chris Gildersleeve of Set to Change Sabine Lehner of Turnaround Practice Gayle Leaver of GL Mindset Coaching Rod Francisco of Habitude Poorinma Peri of Poornima Vansi Academy Libby […]

What others are saying…

Elizabeth Houghton
Elizabeth HoughtonCareer Coach
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The Coaching Directory is the brainchild of Carla Egan its solves two problems and adds so much more value. The Coaching Directory is a community of coaches, you can collaborate, share ideas, not be alone in your own coaching practice , it also drives clients to you, providing you with stream of qualified leads.
Steve Goudswaard
Steve GoudswaardExecutive Coach
Read More
Joining The Coaching Directory allows me to have access to peer coaches, to people who are working in a similar field but slightly different to what I do. When you work by yourself, it can be a bit lonely so it's good to have peers to hang out with and do this kind of thing.
Kate McCarthy
Kate McCarthyLife Coach
Read More
Since working at home online, you don't have the community as much. You have to go online to find it a lot of the time or external in your local town. That's why I joined The Coaching Directory, because like minded people, and especially being able to connect with people on a monthly basis, was a really great way for me to step out and and meet new people and incredibly enhance my network.
Robert Pellegriti
Robert PellegritiPersonal Development Coach
Read More
Joining The Coaching Directory enables me to actually develop my own skills as a coach because you are with other like-minded people and the content that is provided to us by The Coaching Directory is like a good nugget that I didn't know.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to coaching, a long-time supporter, or curious about what we do, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section provides a convenient way to find answers to common queries about coaching and our Matching Services. We have created a collection of short video responses to address the topics that are frequently raised by our clients. These videos cover a wide range of subjects, including the benefits of coaching, the coaching process, and how our Matching Services work.

We believe that these resources will serve as a valuable reference point, answering many of the questions you may have about our services. However, if you can’t find the answer to your specific question in our existing collection, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.