Are you already feeling overwhelmed and out of control????

The stress of all the ‘end of year’s activities” can be overwhelming when there is so much to do!

If you struggle because you’re a people pleaser or struggling with the mother wound it can be a horrid time for you!

All Planning, all the prep, all the things you feel are ALL on your shoulders
No wonder you feel out of control and overwhelmed

Yet you always say I’ll wait till next year to work on myself, to break the patterns that are holding you hostage in this state that you just feel STUCK

Have you noticed you said the same thing last year and the year before and yet you are still in the same space?
Wouldn’t you prefer to learn how to overcome your overwhelm, learn how to place boundaries and remove the weight off your shoulders

So you can ACTUALLY enjoy this time of year?

Do you want to make some time to
-Overcome overwhelm and learn how to command more balance
(is it time to start taking time to practice meditation and mindfulness)
-Share the load and actually ask for help
(it’s ok to ask for help, and its ok to say no)
-Know how to care for YOU
(start asking yourself what would I tell a friend or how would I treat a friend and start doing that)
-Know your worth so you can stop being the people pleaser
(practice boundaries)
Actually, fill your cup up without guilt
affirmation: I deserve this!!

How would that make you feel

Calm and confident?
More energised?
Happy to be part of the holidays

Doesn’t that sound like a more enjoyable way to spend this time of year, are you ready to start looking after yourself and remove the overwhelm, and negative self-talk holding you back.

Skye Baxter
Author: Skye Baxter