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    Tahlia H

    I was lucky enough to have both one-on-one, and small group sessions with Carla from Carla Egan consulting and I could not recommend her services highly enough. Her ability to create a safe space during sessions, show empathy, and be able to provide in depth strategies in both business and personal situations is second to none. I will continue to use Carla’s strategies for many years to come and am grateful for all she has taught me thus far.

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    Brad Arnold

    The insight and information I received from Carla during my year of fortnightly sessions was invaluable. I have not only developed my leadership and business skills but have grown so much as a person. Carla is genuinely caring and is an asset to have as a coach.

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    Harriet Nash

    Carla changed the way I thought about people management and retention. She was able to coach me and help me develop professionally in a way that worked best for my learning style and helped use the theoretical strategies with day to day challenges I faced within the workplace. 10 out of 10 recommend!

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    Carla is just amazing to start! She is such an attentive listener and takes note of every detail. Because of Carla’s coaching techniques, I was able to land my dream job in just 3 months. This is definitely a new chapter in my life. Thanks Carla!

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    Michelle Isadora

    Carla has been nothing short of fantastic. She has helped me grow in many different ways, broaden my perspective and develop skills need to conquer new challenges daily. Plus she’s an absolute delight and rockstar in her own right!

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    Renee S

    Carla has earned a strong reputation as a go-to leadership mentor and executive coach, and we have witnessed significant improvements and transformations not only in our leaders but also in their teams. Having also experienced coaching with Carla myself, she possesses a unique talent for swiftly identifying triggers and root causes of obstacles and enabled me to think about challenges in different ways. I am and we are extremely grateful for Carla’s uniqueness and expertise.

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    NIcole Brown

    From the outset, I felt a strong sense of comfort and ease, enabling me to openly address the specific shortcomings in my leadership abilities. With remarkable insight, Carla swiftly identified my existing leadership style and honed in on the areas where I required assistance. Carla’s support went beyond skill development; she played a pivotal role in cultivating my self-confidence. Even outside our sessions, Carla’s impact lingers. Whenever I find myself feeling uneasy or lacking confidence, my thoughts inevitably turn to our sessions. The knowledge, tools, and strategies you imparted have become my guiding light during challenging situations. Your influence extends far beyond the professional realm, as you have touched me on a personal level as well.

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    Brent Mendham

    I was seeking a service to support in challenging my thinking and opening my mind to future opportunities & personal / professional growth potential. Carla Egan provided tools, guidance and support to not only meet, but far exceed my expectations of really positive outcomes for myself, personally and professionally. Would highly recommend these services and strategies to any leader looking to better themselves. Thank you again!

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    Blade Larkins

    Carla was able to meet me at where I was when our sessions started. She was able to show me the map of where i needed to go and allowed me to drive my own journey. I really enjoyed our sessions, it gave me the motivation I needed to continue in my role. Our sessions where challenging, however they allowed me to see the bigger picture. Would recommend these session.

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    Mitch Hodgson

    Can’t recommend Carla highly enough. She provides a fantastic insight into staff retention especially within growing organisations with younger employees. She has given my business some great guidance on staff retention strategies… Thank you Carla

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    Merlin Chandra

    Carla is a highly skilled coach. In my experience, she can facilitate conversations with the right balance of warmth, cultural competency, pragmatism and optimism. I found my coaching sessions with Carla empowering and fulfilling, and I’m tremendously grateful for her wisdom – the tools and techniques she has shared are life skills that are beneficial in all aspects of my personal and professional growth. I highly recommend her as a coach and I would look forward to the chance of working with her again!


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