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    I had my first session with Christie today,.. WOW! I didn’t know much about Magnetic Mind Recoding, but Christie explained it in terms I understood. Her questions really helped me discover what I wanted to create in my life. The recoding part was filled with so much energy even though I sat so peaceful with my eyes closed, I could truly feel the changes happening in my mind. In moving through some really big issues around my beliefs and programming, shifting lifetimes worth of guilt, understanding what it is I actually want as apposed to knowing all the things I don’t want. Christie was a confident guide. If you get a chance to have a session with her.. DO IT! Life changing stuff

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    Christie’s life coaching, energy transformations and stress transformations have been a real game changer for me. I am rather sceptical of these things generally but the results I’ve had are absolutely amazing. I’ve experienced positive changes in my personal and professional life as a result of my sessions with Christie including an unintentional reduction in my fear of flying! I’ve also learnt a lot about myself along the way.

    If you are looking for assistance in transforming your life in ways big or small, give Wholistic Life Transformations a go, you won’t regret it.

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    Christie has a very special talented gift. A gift that really works. Christie is professional and not invasive. Both my husband (who was very sceptical) and myself, found ourselves over the days after, more relaxed and less stressed. It felt like something had been released. My husband did the access Bars and told me he’d go back for more. I’ve done various sessions with Christie, and everything she has done with me has been amazing. I saw christie when I was having a breakdown. Christie worked with me patiently. I have found my inner piece and I am relaxed. I feel like I’ve been healed. I have found the courage at 52years of age to try new things, completed a course and chosen a new career, a career that now brings me joy. Without Christie’s help, I would be stuck in a career that stripped away my identity. If you feel you are stuck, depressed, unsure, just not coping, unhappy, or need encouragement to face new beginnings, I certainly urge you to see christie, it is worth everything and you won’t be disappointed.”

    “Christie enabled me to recollect a blocked memory from my very early childhood that had been effecting my inner emotions. During the experience Christie made me feel very safe and calm. At the end of the session I had a very peaceful and calming feeling, yet an understanding and acceptance that I didn’t have before.


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