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We Specialise in Making it Easier for People and Businesses to Connect Directly with Qualified Coaches Online

Expand your digital reach

There's never been a better time to expand your digital reach. The Coaching Directory puts you in front of thousands of potential clients every week and gives you the platform to promote your services and build your brand globally

Increase your visibility

Utilise our directory to reach new markets, leverage our social media platforms to increase your exposure, engage in our podcast series, and build connections and relationships with other like-minded Coaches in our community

Make it easier to be found

We understand in an unregulated industry it can be difficult to get recognised and stand out as a trusted coach. Our centralised hub of professional Coaches adds legitimacy to our industry which makes it easier for potential clients to find an experienced and qualified Coach they can trust

Connect to your ideal clients

If you’re a new coach entering our industry, you might be struggling to establish yourself and get noticed in a fast-growing market. If you’re an established coach that’s been around for a while, you may need to keep reinventing yourself in order to remain relevant. And as the demand for coaching continues to grow, potential clients are experiencing increasing difficulty in finding a Coach they can trust amongst all the noise.

Your ability to be found online, from anywhere in the world, is your best advantage right now. Being visible means being easily found and it’s never been more important to improve your online presence than now. The greater your visibility the more widely known you become. And the broader the audience you’re exposed to, the more opportunities you have to connect to your ideal clients!


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  • It’s an annual membership

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We specialise in making it easier for people and businesses to connect directly with qualified Coaches online.
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