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  • E11:S3 Tracy Gandu of Life Craft Coaching

    🦩 See ⁠⁠Tracy’s Profile⁠⁠⁠ Tracy Gandu (she/her) is a leadership and transformation coach, trainer and speaker on a quest to help others. Her focus is empowering women and […]

  • E10:S3 Robert Pellegriti of RP Coaching and Mentoring

    🦩 See ⁠Robert’s Profile⁠ Robert Pellegriti (he/him) has over 25 years’ experience in leading and managing teams of all shapes and sizes in a variety of industries. His leadership career […]

  • E9:S3 Tessa Jetson of Procrastinator Buster

    🦩 See ⁠Tessa’s Profile Tessa Jetson (she/her) is the Global Director of The Neuro Change Institute & Master Trainer with their Program The Neuro Change Method Practitioner. she is a Goal […]

  • E8:S3 Lindsay Adams of 24×7 Assessments

    Lindsay Adams (he/him) speaks at conferences, delivers training seminars & workshops and consults to leading organisations. He is passionate about helping them create relationship systems to […]