• E11:S4 Season 4 Wrap Up!

    🦩 See the coaches profiles here Coaches in order: Sally Dillon of Revolution Consulting Group Steve Goudswaard of Navigating the Uncertain Jenni Limb of REJENU Chris Gildersleeve of Set to […]

  • E10:S4 Jenni Limb of REJENU

    🦩 See Jenni’s Profile Jenni (she/her) is an experienced Natural Therapist and Wellness Leader and Life Coach with nearly 30 years of experience. Over this time, Jenni has accumulated a wealth […]

  • E9:S4 Gayle Leaver of GL Mindset Coaching

    🦩 See Gayle’s Profile Gayle Leaver (she/her) is a leadership coach from GL Mindset Coaching and through her one-on-one program, development, and training program, she help people like you become […]

  • E8:S4 Sabine Lehner of Turnaround Practice

    🦩 See Sabine’s Profile⁠ Are you overwhelmed in your career and feeling stressed or burnt-out? Sabine (she/her)is here to help senior-level leaders to break the Burnout spiral and reconnect with […]