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What is your default Leadership Style?

What is your default Leadership Style? – Take our FREE Quiz and find out! – Want to understand why you do what you do? – Want some practical tips to improve your leadership based on your natural style? Why is

How to Improve 1% Every Day

Changing yourself and your habits requires ongoing improvement, time, effort, and energy. How many times have you put of a change until Monday, then Monday comes and goes, and you decide to wait until the following Monday to try again?

5 Ways To Do Less and Achieve More

Leaders and business owners are both blessed and cursed. On one hand, they have more control of when, and what kind of work they do, and what they pass on to others. On the other hand, most leaders and business

Top 5 Tips to Help You Find Your Leadership Voice

When I was a new leader, I had trouble finding my voice at the leadership table. I was afraid to speak up and I was worried that my peers wouldn’t take me seriously because I was new in the voice

How to become a better Leader

What do I need to know about being a good leader? The new generation of leaders are raised on rapid change, technology and the expectation of a team-based, collaborative environment and the manager / employee relationship has become more of