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Welcome to The Coaching Directory’s comprehensive FAQ page, where you can explore the world of coaching and its life-transforming potential! We’re here to empower you with knowledge and insights that can enhance your personal and professional journey.

Our FAQs are thoughtfully organised to help you find answers to your burning questions quickly and easily. In addition to addressing common queries about coaching, we’ve prepared concise FAQ videos. These videos cover various topics, including the coaching process, benefits, costs, and specialised coaching areas. Each question is paired with an informative video, providing valuable insights into the world of coaching.

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is not telling people what to do

How does Coaching Help Me?

Lead and develop others more effectively with this important skill.

What are The Benefits?

For individuals, teams, managers, leaders, businesses, couples and families.

When is Coaching Needed?

Examples of where coaching can be applied

What Makes a Qualified Coach?

Characteristics to look for from a coach 

Building Trust with a Coach

The essential checklist for a successful coaching relationship

Finding a Coach

Explore several ways to find a qualified coach 

Coach or Mentor?

Recognise the distinctions between coaching and mentoring 

How Expensive is Coaching?

Understand what to expect when paying for coaching services 

What is a Matching Service?

Supporting you with an immediate coaching solution.

Choosing the Right Coach

Making the right choice for you!

From Investment to Deduction

Maximising your coaching budget and return on investment 

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