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Welcome to our members’ exclusive resource: a collection of informative and practical short videos designed to assist you in creating, editing, and enhancing your online presence. Here, you have unrestricted access to our ever-expanding video library, containing invaluable tools, actionable tips, and expert recommendations, all aimed at helping you maximise the potential of your membership.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on publishing articles, creating events, harnessing the power of tag words to attract clients, locating and optimising Google Analytics, incorporating client reviews, or want to know how to get endorsed, our video resource library has you covered with guidance and practical tips and strategies for each topic.

Your Profile Page

Making Profile Updates Easier

Make changes in your profile page by following this quick and easy tip.

Using Tags Words for SEO

Increase your pages searchability and make it easier for people to find you online with tags.

Your Google Analytics

Monitor your profile views with Google Analytics in real time by week, by month, and by year.

Checklist Before Publishing

Use our checklist to ensure you’re utilising all the features available to you.

Your Profile Header Image

Your header is important because it’s the first thing people see when opening your profile. 

Building your presence

Adding Client Reviews

Learn how to share your clients testimonials on your profile page to build social proof.

Publishing Articles

Build greater credibility and become a trusted expert on your niche through articles.

You Don't Have a Website

Use this simple and effective approach to drive traffic to your page if you don’t have a website.

Creating an Event

Attract even more attendees by publishing your events and utilising the directory’s online reach.

Meet Your New Connection

Learn more about our formal coach introductions that occur each month in our community.

Getting Endorsed

Understand the process on how you can get ‘Endorsed’ status on the directory. 

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