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    Amy McLean

    “The past six coaching supervision sessions with Jeanine have been a real game-changer for me and my coaching practice. I’ve really loved having someone there to support me through some of the challenging experiences I’ve had in my real-life coaching, and to support me to explore how I can be even more impactful in the future with my business practice. Jeanine creates such a wonderful safe and welcoming environment, and it really allows me to share openly, honestly, and vulnerably. Thank you so much Jeanine, your support is worth so much more than you know.”

    Amy McLean, Indigenous Coach, Entrepreneur

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    Alicia Holland

    This coaching programme has had far more of an impact on my personal thinking and professional life
than I anticipated, and it has been eye opening, very challenging and gratifying. It is difficult to navigate a complex map of professional advancement, demanding (and sometimes aggressive) teammates and a work- life balance that allows for growth in both environments, but Jeanine’s programme has led me on a fundamental discovery to identify values, action items, communication tools and perspectives both personally and professionally that has benefited both camps.

    I am an evolved leader and partner who is a more skilled and thoughtful communicator, more efficient, better organised and a capable and encouraging supporter of their needs and values.

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    Jarek Michalski

    “Probably the best word to describe Jeanine’s contribution to our business is ‘impactful’. As a senior talent development practitioner in Ooredoo Qatar, I have had the pleasure of using Jeanine’s executive coaching services for a number of years now. They have delivered a consistently high level of coaching services to our succession pool members, bringing with them the unique ability to make the coaching relevant to both our organisational goals and individual goals of the managers. I would have no hesitation recommending Jeanine.”

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    Rachel Petero

    “Jeanine Bailey has been a trusted strategic partner of Rise2025 since 2015. As an ICF Master Coach, Facilitator, and Coach Supervisor and Mentor, Jeanine has provided masterful guidance in all of these areas.

    Rise2025 serves Indigenous leaders and their communities globally to self-determine their pathways forward in coaching, leadership and business through the lens of their own culture

    Jeanine is the co-founder of Empower World and partners with Rise2025 to provide an accredited coach training programme called TAHI to Indigenous leaders, who are Māori, Pacific Island and Aboriginal from Australia. Jeanine has embraced our Māori culture and is also on her journey of understanding her own Aboriginal culture in Australia.

    I would recommend Jeanine to any organisation or individual who is seeking mastery coaching, coaching supervision, facilitation or mentor coaching which I have experienced both personally and professionally, which has powerfully supported my own coaching practice and business.”


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