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    Tina R

    Tracy is gentle and caring. She is very patient and helped me elicit my values, eliminate negative beliefs that were stopping me and since she has been my coach I have had massive breakthroughs in several areas of my life. I love life and I’m very thankful she has always been there.

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    Tracy helped me clear influences from people throughout my past that have been bothering me. I feel so light, it is amazing! Thank you very much, you made me feel really comfortable and you’re extremely professional, full of enthusiasm and you make it fun as well, which is fantastic.

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    My coaching with Tracy was transformative. The label “Leadership Coach” undersells her impact. We began by aligning my business goals and personal aspirations, crafting a roadmap for success. Tracy’s expertise shone as she explored the driving forces behind my goals, from surface-level ambitions (money, freedom, purpose) to deeper, intrinsic motivations. We dissected their origins and their positivity or negativity. This dialogue, integral to her coaching, was candid. We also tackled potential obstacles, external and internal, and addressed limiting beliefs shaping my decisions. Tracy’s subtle yet potent approach effectively reshaped my perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy for coaching.

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    I am the current Secretary of the City of Sydney Law Society, and the chair of the subcommittee which organised our recent Charity Cocktail Party and Silent Auction Event, in support of two charities. Tracy was the MC and also delivered the keynote speech: Breaking Barriers, Building Dreams: Lawyers, Life and Legacy. Tracy’s energy throughout the night was infectious, captivating every corner of the room from the very beginning. Her ability to connect with the audience, a sea of lawyers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, was truly remarkable. Tracy’s speech was extremely relevant to our profession, and clearly well prepared. Tracy was well aware of the demands and pressures faced by legal professionals, the illusive work life balance which we all struggle with, and addressed them with humour, vulnerability, and a wealth of wisdom. It was refreshing to hear someone acknowledge the pressures we face and offer a transformative perspective on how to navigate them. What stood out most was the way she weaved personal anecdotes and heartfelt insights into a cohesive narrative that left us all inspired. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy as a keynote speaker not just for legal events but also other professional industries. Thank you, Tracy, for a truly memorable evening and all the effort you put into it.


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