Navigating the Uncertain

Steve Goudswaard - Executive Coach

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    Joel P

    It’s been a richly rewarding experience having Steve as my coach over the last year. Steve has challenged and encouraged me, guiding me on a road to greater self awareness and discovery as an executive in a complex and demanding role. Steve brings a wealth of experience to his coaching and mentoring style. His insights into complex organisations have been particularly helpful for me. I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a thoughtful and inspiring coach to take them further in their leadership development.

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    Narelle S

    Steve’s coaching has been an integral part of my leadership journey in recent years. He has a unique ability to support, challenge, resource and provide me with the accountability I need to get the job done. It is a great relief to know that when I come to Steve with a challenge, he is able to ‘normalise’ the problem and provide a framework for thinking through strategically how to move towards a solution. If you are looking for an executive coach to take you to the next level, I would highly recommend Steve.

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    Sandra UH

    Steve’s coaching and mentorship has been hugely valuable to me in the past few years, and has helped me to successfully move through a major career transition. Working with someone with deep personal experience and knowledge of the humanitarian sector is invaluable – this really helped me to cut through some of the more difficult parts of our work in the sector to really target and focus in on what I’m passionate about *and* what I’m good at, in a way that is both self reflective and motivating. Plus, there’s a bonus – he’s got a great sense of humor, which is always important when we’re navigating uncertainty, so to speak. Highly recommend!


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