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    Sabine was incredibly engaged and understanding. As a result, I very quickly developed trust. This helped me ideate my new role and explore the possibilities for me in terms of future growth. My new company is a completely different world to what I am used to. Sabine was instrumental in not only helping me understand the new world but also helping me realise that no-one actually understands all of it. She was an effective, necessary, guiding force. –

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    Sarah, Senior Creative Producer, Creative Agency, USA

    When I started working with Sabine, I was having severe panic attacks. Now, after the treatment, I feel amazing. Much more excited about life and positive about my abilities to create the life I want for myself. I feel powerful. In the beginning I felt like a victim, powerless. I am excited about life now and have more energy. Life is good. Also, I have fantastic recordings to continue growing and thriving. I am very grateful for this powerful life (mind) changing work.

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    Stephen, Managing Director, Technology Consulting Company, Australia

    Sabine was a fantastic coach. She knew when to guide but more importantly when to listen. She helped me get through a crazy first year of a rollercoaster when I started my new role. The coaching helped me to remain flexible, open to new ideas and ways of doing business and more importantly to remain positive during navigating my way through my new organisation. Having had her as my coach who listens and guides was extremely valuable.


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