Didn’t get the best sleep last night?
Let’s face it, it happens sometimes.
If you’re feeling a little more tired than usual though and wondering how on earth you’re going to get through the day, here are some handy tips that are sure to help👇🏽
👉🏼Stay hydrated – We feel even more tired when our body is dehydrated. Start your day with a large glass of lukewarm water and carry on drinking regularly throughout the day 💦
👉🏼Have a coffee, but don’t overdo it – Caffeine, in moderation, can help to increase your alertness and give you an energy boost. But it’s important not to overuse caffeine, as it could make you feel anxious or jittery ☕️
👉🏼Don’t rely on sugar – When you are sleep deprived, you may feel more hungry than usual and might be tempted to reach for high-calorie snacks made from simple carbohydrates 🚫
👉🏼Take yourself outside for a walk – By going outside for a walk will expose your body to both natural light and physical activity. Light helps the body to block the production of the sleep hormone melatonin ☀️
It’s important to recognise that the odd bad nights sleep from time to time is normal, but if you feel as though it’s becoming a regular occurrence then there may be an underlying issue that needs to be investigated.
If you are struggling with your sleep on an ongoing basis, please feel free to reach out as I’d love to share with you some of my natural remedies to get your sleep back on track! 🙏🏼

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