So you’ve decided to become a Coach? That’s great! Coaching can be a very rewarding career. However as a new Coach, there are a few tips we’d like to share with you to make your journey into Coaching easier.

The Top 3 Most Common Challenges New Coaches Face when starting out include:

  1. Attracting clients
  2. Being seen online
  3. Building credibility

Here’s our take:

  1. Attracting Clients

  • The Coaching Directory is a centralised hub for Clients looking for qualified and trusted Coaches, and visitors to our directory are interested in one thing… Coaching. We provide a platform that allows Coaches to list details of their experience and skills, to share articles and promote their events, which ultimately makes it easier for Clients browsing through profiles to connect directly with their ideal Coach.

2. Being Seen Online

  • As a Coach you need to have a digital presence, whether that’s through social media, email marketing or paid ads – and you need to be seen online frequently! We understand this challenge very well which is why we actively promote Coaching, utilise our social media channels, optimise our web presence and run a variety of promotional campaigns to put our Coaches in the spotlight! Our Coaches enjoy leveraging our digital reach because we become part of their online marketing strategy which boost your visibility on their profile and makes them more appealing as Coaches to potential Clients.

3. Building Credibility

  • At The Coaching Directory, we are passionate about promoting the power of Coaching and giving legitimacy to Coaches that have Coaching qualifications. We want to build trust back into Coaching so we are very active in supporting and promoting Coaches on our directory that hold credentials. If you’re a certified Coach, looking for ways to increase your levels of trust with your market, then we can certainly help you!

The Coaches on The Coaching Directory list with us because potential clients see them as:

👉 professional and trusted Coaches

👉 recognised Coaches with credentials

👉 experts in their coaching niche

Are you being seen by the right people?