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    Alexandra McCallum

    Rob coached me regularly between February and August, 2023 during a period of growth, and also uncertainty, for me. Rob has a laser focus on development and action which challenged me to consider, and work with, issues that were preventing me from moving ahead. I appreciated his passion for helping me take tangible steps out of my comfort zone towards my goals. He offered practical advice as well as prompting me to address more personal issues, very gently and with a lot of positivity.
    I found Rob to be an empathic and supportive coach who had many wise reflections and sayings that have stuck with me and give me some significant guidance as I put into action what I learned with him.

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    Gwi Yeop Son

    Rob has helped me with business specific goals in developing my career as a Senior United Nations Official with responsibility for the UN’s development work in Europe and Central Asia.

    Rob is a diligent, inspiring and insightful coach. He not only shared a lot of materials and asked poignant questions so that I can reflect further on my own behaviour and become more aware of the impact I have on others. He has also helped me understand what my priorities in life are and how I should pursue my ambition both at professional and personal levels.

    Through coaching sessions, I understood my strengths and lesser strengths better and how to address them while further strengthening my strengths. I highly recommend Rob for his practical and inspiring sessions which helped me become more secure and develop nerves of steel. I look forward to continuing to work with Rob.

    Gwi Yeop Son
    United Nations Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia

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    Robert is a great coach and mentor, with proven coaching skills and the right pedagogy to guide the person being coached, step by step, towards achieving their goals.
    Throughout the process, Robert provided regular updates on progress in relation to the initial objectives. He is also able to reassure the person being supported and encourage him to achieve the objectives set.
    It was a great Pleasure to work with Robert. As a result, I was able to gain more confidence at work in the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office in Togo. I have subsequently been able to achieve some important goals that have helped to build my leadership presence, confidence and communications skills. For example, I have undertaken a surge mission in Tunisia for 2 months; I have started to express myself more during meetings: and I have improved my active listening skills.

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    Stefan Gherman

    I am a senior technical staff member in the United Nations, and I have been working with Rob for several years. Rob has assisted me with setting clear pathways toward achieving my career goals, including technical work, like interview preparation strategies and conflict mitigation. I have also benefitted from Rob’s strategic advice in formulating my career goals.

    Rob is an excellent coach, insightful and caring. He shared a lot of materials and articles, which helped me clarify a lot of the issues I had, especially related to the impact of my and my unit’s work on the people we serve. Through his practical advice I gained a better understanding on how to leverage my strengths and shoring up weaknesses in order for my work to be more impactful.

    Rob is always present when asked for assistance, meaning not only in the context of pre-arranged coaching sessions, but even outside of those, if an emergency arises that requires his advice or expertise. I am currently working with him, and I cannot recommend him enough for his wealth of experience, his practical approach and his genuine care for the people he works with.

    Stefan Gherman
    Senior Adviser – United Nations HQs

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    Rob has helped me with business specific goals in growing a portfolio career, having transitioned from practising law for 24 years.
    Rob is a very authentic and empathetic coach. He is highly skilled in asking insightful questions and helping me to become more self-aware, supporting me in areas where I lacked clarity and confidence. Through working with Rob, I have achieved a better sense of myself and my purpose, and where I want to go with my new career path, helping me to see that I am on this journey for a reason. Rob kept me focused and instilled a positive energy to our coaching sessions. I highly recommend Rob for his mastery of coaching which shines through in his ability to focus my otherwise busy mind on my true values, and supporting me to find practical solutions with renewed energy. I look forward to continuing to work with Rob.

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    Rebecca H

    Rob was my coach in 2023 and worked with me in a executive coaching context. I found the process valuable and would recommend Rob to anyone who wants to accelerate from good to great. Rob helped me to become more aware of and challenge the assumptions and negative thought patterns that were holding me back. Without a coach I think it would have taken a lot longer to have made the progress I did. Thanks Rob!

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    Madoka Koide

    This was my first experience with coaching and Rob was an excellent coach with whom to start this journey. Our coaching sessions between February and September 2023 established a routine in my life to periodically reflect on my goals and actions linked to them and to evaluate the results and impact of my actions. His coaching also helped me get used to seeking feedback from others, a practice which I would like to continually invest in and improve.

    Rob is an excellent active listener. He knows how to frame the discussion, with minimal interventions and right questions, to help his clients reflect on their actions, set goals and plan short- and medium-term benchmarks towards the goals. Rob’s flexible approach to coaching allowed me to review and reprioritize my initially set goals and add a new goal to better manage my work/life balance. He offered a variety of methods and practical advice to help me understand and improve my peak performance in a stressful living and working environment in Ukraine; this was useful as I could try and choose what worked well for me in a given context. His flexibility in scheduling coaching sessions around my demanding work and unpredictable security situation in Ukraine was also greatly appreciated.

    I would highly recommend Rob to anyone interested in coaching, but especially to those in the humanitarian sector and/or the UN system, since his past professional experience offers deep compassion and understanding for these professions, challenges related which may not be as easily grasped by coaches without such experience.


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