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    Jamine L

    Rod Francisco is an inspirational workplace coach! His direct and insightful coaching has helped me develop as an executive leader and successfully navigate complex workplace issues.

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    Sky Hunt

    I’ve been self-employed my entire adult life, hesitant to employ others due to the complexities involved. But recently, a local government grant opened the doors for small businesses like mine to benefit from professionals.

    My consultant is Rod Francisco. His intervention has been nothing short of transformational for my business. This has given me not just the confidence to finally employ myself in an official capacity, but also the structure to expand my company, recruit the right people, and scale efficiently.

    I walked into my first meeting with a touch of apprehension, fearing the intricacies of the employment process. But Rod had everything mapped out. With six pre-scheduled sessions, we fleshed out my vision for the company, pinpointing who I wanted onboard. Each week brought clarity and structure, ensuring we were always on the same wavelength. Rod’s meticulous approach eliminated the guesswork, allowing me to focus on growth.

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    The Neighbourhood Hub

    The Neighbourhood Hub engaged Nic Willis Consulting to review our Strategic Plan and assist in the revision and redevelopment of that plan. During this process, several sessions were held with the team to ensure that everyone had input and participated in this activity. Rod, from Habitude, was both engaging and approachable which made the process very straightforward. The result is a new Strategic Plan which will assist us in ensuring we are working towards a common goal and contributing to the ongoing growth of the organisation.

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    MARABISDA Inc. engaged Nic Willis Consulting to deliver a Respectful Workplace Behaviour Workshop for our Staff, and we had Rod Francisco, from Habitude, deliver this training directly at our workplace for sixteen staff. Rod’s delivery and content was spot-on for our needs, as the 3-hour workshop had the right balance of information and interactive small group discussions. As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisation, Rod’s observance of cultural protocols made staff feel culturally safe to participate and engage with the workshop and activities. Thank you Nic and Rod – we would have no hesitation engaging Nic Willis Consulting and Habitude again to deliver training to meets our organisation’s needs.


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