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    Poornima is very supportive and great to work with. She is really approachable; she is just a call or message away within 5-10 minutes I already get a response from her.
    My 87 day program with Poornima, I wouldn’t call it as diet because I’ve been eating what I like. I don’t have the feeling of missing out on eating what I like but I still
    reduced my weight. I started at 73kg but now I’m like 65kg. It’s a great achievement for me. Thank you for this opportunity.

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    Hema R.

    I joined Poornima’s 87 day program just to lose weight and I did not expect something would happen to my sugar to be reduced to a non-diabetic range and it’s like a bonus for me. I have lost 20 kilograms and I hope you can touch and help more people.

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    I was going through a lot of issues, personal, frankly more of them mental rather than physical. I have frequent panic attacks and anxiety disorders and it has taken
    a toll on my health.

    When I started talking to Poornima, she came up with a lot of positivity. I used your journey as an inspiration and she became my role model. It gave me confidence and it was easy for me to trust her mentoring. Then I heard of Poornima’s 87-day program, she has clear clarity on what to cover and not be done.

    Now, 6 months later, here I am totally transformed mentally and physically.
    This program has transformed me and my family and in fact, has transformed my future as well.


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