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    Deanna Roberts

    Suzanne Glendenning is definitely one out of the box.  She has this innate ability to communicate at any level, with any person of any age.  She has that ‘knack’ that creates an instant rapport and a magnetic one at that. Suzanne creates such treasured relationships with people in such a way that they leave with great memories and that sense of satisfaction, that they’ve met someone who’s understood them and knows ‘where they’re coming from’. It’s really easy to endorse Suzanne for her skills and abilities, but there’s nothing like the natural ability to connect and communicate and Suzanne has that natural gift that you simply can’t wait to unwrap. I have recruited Suzanne Glendenning on several occasions to assist me in running workshops and events and to work with small and large groups of people from all walks of life. Her leadership skills are impeccable and I have great trust in her ability to not only see things through, but to also guide, lead, mentor and coach others in doing the same. Her uncanny ability to recognise the potential in others, to nurture their potential and to assist them in exploring their journey and achieving their goals, whatever they have set themselves, is truly exemplary.

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    Greg Roworth

    Having know Suzanne Glendenning now for about 8 years, I can only recommend her as someone who operates with the highest level of integrity. She is highly qualified and experienced in her coaching role and has repeatedly achieved great results with her clients. That comes from my own personal experience working with Sue, as well as what I have seen from a number of others who have worked with Sue. If you are a leader in business and want to accelerate your results, you will never regret talking to Sue.

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    Sandra D'Souza

    Sue has a true gift for helping people tap into their own insight and wisdom. I gained a much deeper understanding of myself, my relationships and my business. With Sue’s help and a shift in perspective, my relationships have become more enjoyable. This is all done in relatively short time because of Sue’s amazing ability to cut through the noise and go straight to the core issue.

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    Mel B

    When I first met with Sue I had recently moved from a high-pressure role where there was no support network and very little appreciation for the critical work I was doing.

    People and circumstances had completely beaten me. I knew I needed to change to survive the corporate world I had chosen to stay in, but had no idea how.

    Working with Sue changed everything and she taught me to be my own Super Hero.

    I have forgiven and let go of so many people and connections that had damaged me and stopped me achieving.

    I was putting up with an awful lot of behaviour and situations that left me feeling frustrated, angry and resentful. Feeling this way is no way to move forward. I now have the confidence to analyse them, and make a calm, clear decision for future action or simply let them go.

    It is not OK to accept bad behaviour from other people; it IS perfectly acceptable to be polite and firm with people who are not behaving appropriately towards me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I had the confidence to put this in print, or have the inner strength and confidence to face the external and personal challenges of 2020 and 2021. I am absolutely my own Super Hero! Thank you Sue

    Mel B
    Strategy Manager, Melbourne, Victoria

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    Simon Barker

    I was stuck in a couple of aspects of my business and life and had recognised that I needed some assistance

    At the first session I was immediately put at ease by Sue Glendening. Sue has a supernatural ability to peel back the layers that form the person that I am and in just our first session, she was able to lead me to a few truths about myself that I have otherwise brushed under the rug up until then, but that really needed to be realised. Sue used her unique processes, techniques and experience to assist me to do this without making me feel I was “talking about fluff” which is what most people lean towards.

    The change I have seen as a result of my sessions with Sue is ongoing and ever-evolving:
    • I evaluate situations quickly before jumping in.
    • My choice of language is much more efficient, clear and effective.
    • My argumentation style has altered & resulted in me getting my own way more often.
    • My business has seen more clients come on board, more profits and a record month
    • I have been happier in work, in life and overall.

    Sue truly is a modern day guru – If any of this resonates with you, book in a session and you won’t be disappointed. I’m certainly not!

    Simon Barker
    Partnership Director
    The B.I.T Collective

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    Julie Attwood

    Sue has had a profound impact on my perspective and potential to lead an authentic, joyous and happy life. Working through my tolerances, sense of self, forgiving others, leadership skills, addressing childhood pain and feelings of unworthiness has been nothing short of momentous. She has helped me unpick the broken pieces of my being that needed healing, love and repair. Through her guidance, I’ve become empowered to be brave and confident in my choices and do what is best for me. I’ve quit jobs with nothing lined up and found a role I never thought was possible. Yes there are shaky moments but the work I’ve done with Sue has made such a difference in my mental state and ability to pivot to the new and exciting both in my professional and personal life.

    Understanding who I am, who I want to be and how I want my life to turn out has quietened the fear lead thinking I’ve had for so long. Sue tackles limiting thoughts and perceived blockers in unique way that integrates your desire to change and lead differently from the session onwards. Her work is transformative. It is life changing. And like many others, I am so grateful I’m able to work with such a wonderful coach who has made such a profound impact to who I am today, how I show up for myself and others and the potential to have a incredulous, happy life. I’ve never felt more confident in who I am, what I want and not afraid to get to where I desire – all thanks to the time I’ve invested working with Sue. The person I am today is a far cry from the emotional, burnout out person Sue found me. Although we’ve worked together three years now, I look forward to each and every session as I am always learning something about myself, leadership and how I want to show up in this world.

    For anyone wanting to step back, heal, learn, grow and create the life or discover the self they’ve always wanted, I highly recommend you take the step to invest in yourself and work with Sue. I often say invested time with Sue is like my version of investing in a Chanel Bag – a long term worthwhile investment that keeps increasing in value and completes a look.


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