Overthinking can become an obstacle to success.
It can also become a habit.
A habit that might be holding you back from making sound and productive decisions.
You may have heard the saying ‘When you’re in a problem, all you see is the problem.”
Albert Einstein really understood this when he said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” He was an adept problem solver.

How often have you indulged yourself in overthinking a project or even a simple task? This came to mind recently after a coaching session with a client around procrastination and consistently overthinking projects. Many of us choose to participate in this time-wasting and frustrating behaviour without even consciously realising it.

Why is it that we second-guess ourselves?

Is it a need for perfectionism? Judgment around our results? Concern for what other people think. Possibly all these things, but that uncertainty can really hold you back and stop the creative flow. Some amazing ideas and results have come from people simply making a start.

I would like you to consider each time you procrastinate about making that final decision or taking that step forward. Consider what you and others may be missing out on. Let go of thinking that the time needs to be right, or you must be certain that every detail is perfect.

As part of their preparation for coaching, I ask clients to complete a form with a range of questions designed to help them with clarity around their challenges. I ask them to put down the first response that comes to mind. It’s not a test. Resist the temptation to overanalyse (analysis paralysis) and overthink the answers. Trust your subconscious to deliver the answer that is right for you. The results are often surprising and enlightening.

Some of the most amazing inventions and breakthroughs humanity has achieved have been through taking that first step. Experimenting. Making a start.
Certainly, do your preparation, your research and put in the work needed but then move on it. Make it happen.

It’s like stepping out of a maze and exploring the wider world. The possibilities. The potential. Enjoy the results. What’s stopping you?

Suzanne Glendenning. Master NLP Practitioner, Master Results Coach
Quantum Results Coaching International.

Photo credit: Bruno Scramgnon

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