I’m a firm believer that whatever you get in life is simply a result of your daily habits ✔️
As a coach, I see it time and time again…🙋‍♀️
Very often, what stands in the way between a person’s journey to making better lifestyle changes is actually THEMSELVES!
It’s their mindset, their habits, their actions, and their attitude.
Now the thing is, have you noticed it’s always harder to kick those bad habits than it is to adopt those good, new habits?
Well, thankfully I have a few strategies you can use to break bad habits and build good ones instead…
1️⃣ Start with a habit that is so easy you can’t say no – Prove to yourself that you can stick to something small for 30 days. Then, once you are on a roll and remaining consistent, you can worry about increasing the difficulty.
2️⃣ Take some time to understand exactly what is holding you back – Think about your bad habits, then break them down into smaller pieces and think about which areas are preventing you from becoming consistent.
3️⃣ Develop a plan B if it doesn’t quite work out – You have to learn to not judge yourself or feel guilty when you make a mistake, and instead focus on developing a plan to get back on track as quickly as possible.
If you want more practical ideas for how to build good habits (and break bad ones), I’d love to help you on your journey.
Doors are now open to my 6 Week Wellness Program, which is all about developing those good habits to get you back to good health naturally!
Send me a PM if you are interested in hearing more about it 💛

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