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    l cannot recommend Simone more highly – having completed a few different one on one sessions with Simone over the past 18 months helped identify my ‘blind spots’ and unpack some of the areas (or stories l had been telling myself) that had been holding me back both personally & professionally.

    Having also completed the Advanced Insights Profile with Simone helped better understand my Natural Vs Adaptive styles, highlight my unique strengths as well as some key areas where l can work on and develop further.

    After each session l have done with Simone l walk out with new insights or revelations that has helped me in building my confidence in taking the next step in my career / life.

    Seriously if you feel like you are stuck in your current job/career or not sure what is holding you back – Get onto Simone!

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    Rebecca K

    Simone was my manager during a secondment and I quickly loved her style of leadership. I later asked her to mentor me during a time in which I felt a little lost on direction, lacking confidence and in need of advice. Her advice and experience was invaluable in terms of my growth and development, it smashed some nagative self talk, helped me gain clarity and direction, and improved my confidence in leaps and bounds.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simone to someone struggling in these areas.

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    WOW what a tool… the Innermetrix really highlighted my strengths and Simone showed me where my strengths can also become a weakness when I take on too many things. The three reports show a different perspective and I the biggest takeaway for me was from the Advanced Insights on my Core Attributes – super insightful for growth! Thank you Simone for encouraging me to do this assessment and coaching with you


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