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    Bronwyn Hunt

    12 Week healthy Eating program.

    I could not more highly recommend the program with Jodi.
    The support and knowledge you get from her is amazing. It is something that stays with you even after the 12 weeks is up.
    I found I gained in confidence both physically and mentally.
    Food understanding is a fantastic tool and I was very grateful to have been a part of the program.
    Also the friendships made with the other ladies helped when I struggled which we all do sometimes.
    Again I highly recommend Jodi’s program if you choose to join you will not regret your decision.
    Thanks Jodi

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    Anita Mullick

    It felt like I fell into the 12 Week Healthy Living reset program by chance, after chatting to Jodi after a gym class. I mentioned to her in passing a mild health concern and she suggested the program. In reality, I think I’d been looking for something for a while to help manage middle-age spread, low energy levels and get me fit for a future as a carer of a child with additional physical needs. The program has a low carbohydrate eating plan at its core, but is so much more than that – we explored many different aspects of health, such as stress, mindset, and sleep. As well as lots of information, we were given practical tools to help us with our goals, such as guided meditations and an activity tracker. Twice-weekly group zoom calls helped us feel connected and supported. We also had individual chats with Jodi at the beginning of the program and towards the end, to help tailor our experience. The program helped me not only to lose excess belly fat, it also created sustainable healthy habits (dietary and otherwise) that make me feel fitter, more alert and energised. It was 12 weeks that I really believe have set me up for a much healthier future. Thank you, Jodi!

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    I recently celebrated my one year anniversary of training with Jodi. This is the first time I have ever stuck to a training routine for 12 months in a very very long time. I’m the type of person, actually I should say I was the type of person who would buy a 12 month gym membership to motivate me to go and would end up just going along 4 times – but that’s not me any more. During the training she encouraged me to take part in her 12 week Healthy Living program, it really helped me to reframe my thinking on food. I now make conscious decisions on what I will and won’t eat, I no longer eat my emotions and I like myself more than I used to. Jodi has helped me every step of the way so far, the journey isn’t over – I’m not sure it ever will be but my relationship with both food and exercise are better than they’ve ever been. I can’t thank Jodi enough.


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