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    Manisha Nair

    I first met Rob at American Express, he naturally took me under his wing on a
    new product rollout and has mentored me since then. 5 years on and the mentor and coaching relationship runs strong. Rob has been a coach, problem solver, sounding board and even counsellor through the years and has been integral in shaping my career. Under his remit I have moved from Project Coordinator to Project Manager and now Program Manager. Rob has helped provided strategic advice, guidance and reflection to guide me through my career. I highly recommend Rob as a coach and am grateful for his leadership and advice.

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    I met Rob when we worked on a large partnership launch project together at Velocity / Virgin Australia. Rob was a fantastic colleague who naturally became my mentor with career conversations that came up in our discussions. Rob is a genuine and authentic person who listens and has helped guide me through various topics related to my work and career knowing I want to one day become a C-Suite executive. I believe it’s not only Rob’s character and kind nature, but combined with his real world work and life experience, plus his official accreditations that he is able to draw upon in such a natural way that make meaningful and actionable conversations which help me with whatever I’m discussing at the time.

    Rob and I meet every month or so to have career coaching and mentoring conversations and this has helped me immensely in framing my thoughts, different ways to approach certain scenarios and keeping focused on small steps that set me in the direction of one day achieving my career goal.

    I’m looking forward to many more of our coaching and mentoring conversations to come and would highly recommend Rob to those who want to be top of their game, have career aspirations or goals they want to achieve or even a sounding board for career or work related advice and guidance. In my opinion, chatting things through with a coach like Rob can really help your mindset and give clarity to next steps or actions to achieve goals and overcome career hurdles.

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    Michael H

    Dear Reader, I can’t speak highly enough of my coach Robert Pellegriti.

    I first met Rob some years ago, when he was a consultant to my organisation at the time and I was massively impressed with his professionalism, sensible approach and ability to get things done. Further to this, my then colleagues all noted his approachability and capacity to communicate well at all levels. Rob went out of his way to help and guide me at the time, never seeking anything in return, and through his efforts I made a jump to the next level in what was a difficult time and situation for me.

    More recently, Rob has been of immense help to me as I seek to build out my own business, and his wise and sensible advice has been invaluable to me on my journey. I can say without any hesitation that Rob is one of the kindest, most genuine and wisest people I have had the privilege to meet in my journey across this great planet. The fact that he has many, many years of experience (sorry Rob) at the corporate coal face, in a variety of roles means that he has a wealth of knowledge to draw on. Personally, I can recommend him very, very highly – if you are looking for a genuine and wise guide for your journey then he is your man.

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    Robert is an amazing coach and mentor, I can’t stress this enough.
    After being diagnosed earlier this year with ADHD, Rob has been there to support me on my journey of understanding the panic monster, and how to navigate everyday effectively.
    His genuine care and wanting to see people succeed extends beyond appointment times and makes all the difference in the world.
    Thank you Rob for all of your support.

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    Dominic Brereton

    Rob was recommended to me through my CEO and now so thankful for the connection.

    Rob genuinely cares, is down to earth, empathetic and really listens to determine how he best mentor or coach clients.

    During and between sessions he asked good challenging questions to ensure the coaching times are maximised to progress each conversation. He speaks from a depth of experience and offers wise, straightforward advice.

    I would definitely recommend him as a mentor or coach as you determine career steps or strengthening particular skills.


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