How to add more MINDFULNESS into your EVERY DAY❓
We all know how important it is for us to slow down and be more present in our day-to-day lives…
But it’s just so easy to forget about being mindful on a regular basis.
As a coach, I often get asked…
“How can I bring more mindfulness into my everyday life?”
So today I want to share the three strategies I find most effective:
👉Meditation minutes – This is a wonderful practice for times when you start to feel a little stressed or aggravated. Grab a clock, set a timer and focus your entire attention on your breathing, and nothing else for your mindfulness meditation.
👉Eat with awareness – Mindful eating has been shown to aid weight loss and has aided healthy digestion. When you sit for your meal, turn off all distractions and focus on your immediate experience.
👉Mindful walking – Be present in your here and now experience. Aim to be there for every step.
How do you stay present and mindful? Is this something you feel you need to work on more?